Eyebuydirect coupon


Eyebuydirect coupon  is a code that you can use make a purchase and get a good discount on your purchase .


Have you been to a store where goods are being sold and you saw how the discount is being display on the product, eg buy one and get one free or buy this today and get the discount of 50 percent?

Yes, this is what happens online, you can easily use a coupon code to get a good discount from your purchase online.

eyebuydirect coupon

eyebuydirect coupon code will give you the privilege to have discount ranging from 10 to 80 percent discount on any of your purchase on eyebuydirect and its easy to use this coupon.

All you do is to insert the coupon on the space where you are asked to insert it and the system will deduct certain percentage and take you to the payment page, the next thing is to make payment of your product.

Yes, it’s simple as this.

Anything that has to do with coupon, we still the best place to consult because we give the best, working and active coupon.

Come to think of it, this coupon are discount that you will continue to use even if you come back to buy more product from eyebuydirect .

I could remember a friend of mine who wants to buy eyeglasses and the one he saw was somehow expenses to him but when he came to me I directed him here and was able to get about 60 percent discount on his purchase, must time he use out site to get any of his eyebuydirect glasses purchase.

This is the benefits of using a reliable site who gives the best and active coupon code.

This eyebuydirect coupon  comes in different types discounts prices ranging from 10 to 80 percent discounts on your purchase.

Below Are The Eyebuydirect Coupon That You Can Use Now


25% Off Orders of $90 PLUS Free Shipping….promo code… 25OFF90FS

20% Off Orders of $80 PLUS Free Shipping….promo code…200FF80

15% Off Sitewide….promo code...PCFY15

25% Off All Orders $110 And Over….promo code…WC25

20% Off Single Purchase for Members….promo code…focus20

15% Off + Shipping Starts at $5.95….promo code…TBRAG15

Buy 1, Get 1 Free + Free Shipping To US And CA….promo code… BOGO

20% Off Your Order of $75+….promo code…WICKF20

15% Off Regular Priced Items….promo code…PCFY15

Buy 1, Get 1 Free Frames….promo code…BOGO

15% Off 100s Different Styles of Sunglasses….promo code…WCSUN15

25% Off $110 Or More….promo code…GDSHOP25

15% Off Sitewide….promo code…SAVINGS15

25% Off Orders $110 Or More….promo code…PCFY25

15% Off + Free Shipping on Your Order….promo code…WELCOME

Up to 15% Off Women’s Frames….promo code…WCWOMEN15

15% Off Sitewide….promo code…RTMN15

10% Off Sitewide….promo code…WC10

25% Off Orders $110+….promo code…SAVINGS25

15% Off for New Customers….promo code…TRYUS

15% Off Frames….promo code…EBD15

15% Off Select Items + Free Shipping on Purchase Over $99….promo code…SAVINGS15

Unpopular Coupons

50% Off Your Order….promo code…IFNHGMGVKQ

30% Off Your Purchase….promo code...FOCUS4TH

30% Off First Orders + Free Shipping….promo code…IF8FEI1QGY

20% Off Sitewide….promo code…BXCRQCZC9MY7

Up to 30% Off Your Entire Purchase + Free Shipping on $99+….promo code…IF9HL9S7VK

30% Off Sitewide….promo code…102150

25% Off Rflkt Eyewear….promo code…Rflkt

25% Off All Lenses….promo code…25lenses

15% Off Your First Order….promo code…WELCOME

10% Off Your Order….promo code…NICOLEEELISE25

15% Off And Free Shipping….promo code…GR15SH

5% Off Your Purchase….promo code…IFD8CL3SRH

15% Off Sitewide….promo code…IFHT6N8E39

Eyebuydirect reviews

One the way to know reliable and good quality product is the review of their customers.

Customers don’t lie they give review based on how the product works for them.

This one of the reason we had to get some of the review posted by customers here.

This is unique and they are true reviews.

According To Sitejabber Below Are The Eyebuydirect Reviews Of The Customers

 1.Tyler G.

I ordered from EyeBuyDirect, back in November of 2017and was highly pleased. Their products are durable, high quality, and very affordable. I buy their glasses solely for aesthetic purposes, although I just ordered a pair with blu-light protective lens that I’m very excited to try out, I’m sure that they won’t dissapoint!


2. Jodee B. 

Very easy to navigate with great selections! I strongly recommend trying it for the value, as well. It was hard to choose because of the many options

3. William F.

Very friendly and helpful customer assistance.Mark was patient with me and explained everything very thoroughly. 

4. Bodie M.

Very cheap glasses and great selection, easy to order, I have never order glasses over the internet put I am very concerned fidebt they will be great

5. Bailey P.

I’ve used EBD a few times now; I first ordered glasses for myself and my sister, then ordered her prescription sunglasses, then, after rolling over on my glasses [oops!], bought the same pair again and just today ordered prescription sunglasses! Always fast, easy, amazing price, I was able to choose the frame, lenses, my prescription is already saved, my card information and address is saved and so my entire order time was only about 10 minutes in total! I also like that you can label the prescriptions so if multiple people have the same account you can save the prescriptions under their names for no confusion in the future! Love EBD, recommend to friends, family, and even strangers when they compliment my glasses. The November frame is my favorite and I will soon have the same frame in sunglasses! Love it 🙂

5. Kee N.

I absolutely love them. I have shopped with this company for 2 years now for me and my children anytime we need a backup pair or a primary pair I shop with them. I first heard about eyebuydirect from my optometrist which was weird because people usually don’t advertise for other companies but she said she shopped there and told me nothing but good things about them and she was right!! I bought like 5 pairs of glasses now and i will continue to shop here. Oh one thing you must purchase an eyeglass case its viable for shipping. i didnt once and my glasses were delivered crushed.

6. john G.

Once the prescription is uploaded it’s easy to order. I just broke another pair, so I picked a frame and the lens prescription reloads. Now I’ll pick a set which doesn’t have such a fragile invisible frame. So low cost I can place my backups in the car, office & house.

7. Kimberly R.

I never knew such a great company existed. Had previously owned two pair of glasses in my life, purchased from an optometrist. Paid $300 for one pair and nearly $400 for my second. Neither were that great. Was having lunch with friends one day and admired the server’s red glasses. She told me about this company, and boom! I was online ordering as soon as I could. Was nervous that they wouldn’t work properly, but no problems at all. Just ordered my fourth pair. Have told many people about this company, and as long as the product continues to meet my expectations, I will sing your praises!

8. Rachel S.

Straight up, I wanted to get some inexpensive glasses online because I’m 25 and still too broke to afford rent, let alone $300 dollar glasses (and that’s lowballing – I believe my previous pair from the optometrist 6 yrs ago cost ~$350). However I buy daily contacts regularly and wear them every single day, which is extremely painful on my wallet. I was thinking about getting glasses and going to the optometrist was out of the question. I tried a different online retailer first and bought two pairs – both of which were very cute but the lenses made me feel like I was seeing through a fish bowl while maybe on drugs. So I was depressed because that retailer got excellent reviews. Started thinking, what’s wrong with my eyes?? It must be me! …..decided to try Eyebuydirect. Why not? What’s to lose – they cost $15 bucks. When I received my pair in the mail, I opened them with hesitation, afraid I’d be let down by another set of fishbowl lenses.

I can proudly and confidently say these are THE CUTEST and most comfortable glasses I have ever put on my eyes. I don’t feel any distortion – a lot of people talk about needing to adjust but I was literally running around my house screaming “I’ll never support the optometrist again!!!!” Well, I know they are good for certain things, but I can say for sure I will be giving EBD my business!!!! Thank you for making such beautiful glasses! They feel high quality, they’re comfortable, adorable, and INEXPENSIVE! THANK YOU!!!

Eyebuydirect Bogo



Do you know you buy one and get one free from EyeBuyDirect?

Yes, this is the advantage of using EyeBuyDirect because you can easily buy and get one free, this is what they do to appreciate their customers and still same quality and same treatment.

This is why EyeBuyDirect is still best when it comes to eyes glasses.

Getting one new pair is great, but getting two for the price of one?

Yes, that’s just twice as nice!

You can enjoy buy one, get one free on glasses frames at EyeBuyDirect.

Their buy one get one free ( BOGO) is perfect whether you found two new favorites or are in need of a backup pair.

How Do BOGO works :

Select a style for $15 or more, pick another frame, then use the code in your cart to get your free pair. This offer runs for a limited time only, so don’t miss your chance.

It’s okay to be in love with more than one!

Move to here to get it

Eyebuydirect address

EyeBuyDirect Inc. is located in 2801 S Interstate 35, Austin, TX 78741

(855) 393-2891 it is an online retailer of prescription glasses.

Eyebuydirect Tracking How to go about it.

Eyebuydirect tracking is simple and easy all you have to do is to insert your tracking code and in the space and click on track the system will tell you where your product is located.

Ensure you have your tracking number, if you have forgotten your tracking number, you can easily get back by login in to access it.

To access your tracking number you can go here 

Follow These Steps And Track Your Order

Step1. Enter your order number or tracking number into the field

Step2. Click on view order status to obtain the status information for your order.

If you can’t remember your order number, you can login to check it.

It’s just as simple as this

Eyebuydirect Free Shipping

Most consumers want their items to be shipped free and that is what eyebuydirect knows how to do best and you will get very good quality glasses.

One of the advantages of using eyebuydirect is that they offer free shipping on your purchase.

Who doesn’t want his or her items to be shipped free?

You can get free shipping to your destination when you buy from eyebuydirect and you can track your purchase easily.

Eyebuydirect  free shipping is easy to use and it meant for anyone who uses eyebuydirect to purchase his or her glasses.

Though there are options when it comes to shipping some of the options might be the total amount you spend on your purchase to get your free shipping check it out here

Eyebuydirect Return And Replacement


A good company is known for the satisfaction of their customers at  EyeBuyDirect, ther guarantee the quality of their eyewear.

one thing good about them is that If you are not happy with your glasses you can simply contact them for a refund or a replacement.

EyeBuyDirect has a 14-Day Fit & Style guarantee which allows customers to make an equal exchange or return with no questions asked.

Have you seen a company who offer 365 days guarantee?

At EyeBuyDirecttheir  365-Day Product Guarantee means Customers are eligible for a one-time replacement pair within 12 months.

This one-time replacement pair will be only issued if there are clear defects in material and workmanship.

Product warranty does not cover damage caused by accidents, negligence, or improper care.

Follow These 3 steps For Eyebuydirect  Return

1 . Get your Return Notice Email by contacting their Customer Service

at 1-855-EYEBUY1 (1-855-393-2891), livechat or

2. Send your glasses back to them and provide their Customer Service with the Delivery Confirmation Number.

3. Once they receive your Delivery Confirmation Number, you will either receive a refund within 48 hours or be sent a replacement.

Eyebuydirect vs zenni

The both company are good just depend on what you want, some customer might like eyebuydirect why some might like zenni.

Let checkout their Website Quality/Usability: For both websites, you will need to know your current prescription before ordering.

However, both sites make it very simple to enter in your prescription correctly.

Both websites also allow you to upload your own photo and try on virtual glasses on your own face.

Both websites also specifically list the dimensions of each pair of glasses.

One helpful feature of the zennioptical website is the menu at the bottom of the screen that makes navigating the different options of the website much easier for a new user.

However, the eyebuydirect website is a pretty clear winner when it comes to both design and function.

The main reason eyebuydirect website is prefered is because they show their frames on actual models.

This makes it a little easier to envision the frames on a real face with real dimensions.

Another aspect of the eyebuydirect website that is prefered is that they list their frames as small, medium, or large.

You can find this a little bit more convenient (once you know which size works best for you) than looking at the specific dimensions of each pair.

What said above is what we can say about Eyebuydirect vs zenni but you have to use your deescritive to know which one you prefer because both are good for anyone who wants good and quality glasses.


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