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Losing weight in Nigeria is definitely a challenge for so many reasons, but fortunately, it’s very possible. You have to be determined to get off that saggy tummy. One of the reasons why losing weight here in Nigeria is difficult is because our staple food i.e our everyday diet is filled with high carb content and saturated fat as a result of excessive frying. This is due to the fact that we Nigerians love to fry our dishes. We have a lot of junk food which is very unhealthy.

Another reason is the unavailability of a gym in our various locations. This is quite another challenge here in Nigeria. You find out that there is hardly any gym close to our locality especially those living in the suburbs and even if there is, it is hardly equipped enough or it’s quite expensive. Here in Lagos, you find very few gyms around, and reaching to other states the condition is worse.

The other reason you could consider that could be a limiting factor is the heatwave. The heat here in Nigeria is something else; makes u feel very uncomfortable even when exercising. You would sweat double time and could make u feel like ending your workout session quickly.

And lastly, getting a personal trainer here in Nigeria is almost impossible as there is a lack of personnel trained for the job. Those who are available are very few and they can be quite expensive. To be frank, having a personal trainer makes it quite easy, as you have someone to encourage you, help you work out in a way that is most suitable and also check on your progress


One of the key points to losing weight is planning. As I have earlier mentioned, losing weight is challenging especially in this part of the world. Nevertheless, planning makes it a little bit easy. You may be asking, what do I need to plan on. If that’s the case, good question.

First, you need to map out your workout session. Early in the morning is usually recommended but you should go for the time that suits you most. It could be probably early in the morning before the sun is out or in the evening when the sun is down so that the temperature would not be too hot for you. If there aren’t any gym facilities around you, not to worry there is hope for you. What you need to do is to go out on a run at the time most suitable for you. You could also set some benches, barbell, and dumb-bell to help you do some home work-out and if possible you could get a cardio machine to help you on days where a run seems impossible.

Also, you can decide to be specific on what body part you want to work on, for each workout session and for how long. To do that you also need to plan on it. In mapping workout session, you need to specify the duration of your workout session. For beginners, the workout session should run for about 30 minutes. As you go along, you could increase the duration of your workout session.

planning your meal to weight loss

Next, is the meal planning. Remember nutrition is very important in weight loss. Lots of Nigerians do not have the idea that buying food in bulk is cheaper than buying food daily. Make a habit of buying food in bulk and also cooking bulk. YES, you heard me right cooking in bulk. Have a diet plan and make a list of things you would need to prepare those dishes. When you buy them, you can prepare your meals ahead of time and store them in plastic containers. Many of us fail to realize this fact and we wait until we are hungry before we prepare the meal. Also at that point, we look for something that is readily available, that’s why it’s called ‘fast food’ and we end up eating unhealthy or junk food because we are hungry. So in other avoid such a scenario, I would advise you to prepare a three day supply and on those days you take them to work to eat during lunch. This will help you to spend less.

 It’s always advisable to engage in this weight loss journey with someone who can encourage you. Someone you can be accountable to, as this will facilitate your weight loss journey, thereby making it easy and exciting.

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