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Peoria Charter Promo Code Reddit

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What do you need know before you book a bus?

He’re a list of the most popular questions we’re asked about chartering a bus.

How long have you been in business?

We are a family owned and operated company, since 1941.

Do you use your own buses or are you a broker?

We use our own buses. We have a fleet of 60 buses and we won’t book your trip unless we know WE can do it.

May I come look at your vehicles?

You are welcome to visit either office. Our headquarters is in Peoria, Illinois. Our second office is located in Urbana, Illinois. Contact us to set an appointment to visit.

How often is the equipment cleaned and inspected?

Our equipment is cleaned and inspected after every trip.

What does Peoria Charter do to insure passenger safety?

Double the manufacturer recommended, maintenance is performed on each coach.

All Federal and State driving laws are strictly followed on every trip.

NO exceptions.

Highest Safety Rating possible from Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

We carry twice the legally required insurance coverage.

Do all of your drivers have commercial drivers’ licenses?

Yes. Each driver carries a Class-B CDL with air brakes and passenger endorsement. Regular drug/alcohol testing and skills training is performed.

Are you fully insured?

Yes. We carry twice the legally required insurance coverage.

What happens in the event of a break down or other emergency?

Our first goal is to repair the bus, if we can’t we replace it with a new bus. Our goal is to get you back on the road ASAP!

Can you accommodate our special needs?

We do offer 55 and 22 passenger buses with wheelchair lifts. We will need to be aware of the need for a lift in advance, as we have a limited number of buses with them.

Will you be switching drivers or vehicles during our trip?

Switching a driver depends on the trip. Federal guidelines mandate the use of digital travel logs for all buses as well as maximum hours a driver can both drive and be “on-duty”.


Your trip may require a Relief Driver, but this can only be determined once the details of the trip are known by our Charter department.

What is included in the price quote?

The price quote includes everything except: Driver tip, Driver hotel, and Parking fees. Some exceptions may apply.





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