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Promo code turo is one of the coupon code you can use to get good discount to any of your purchase.


When it comes to promo code turo, we are the best website to get all your discount and we give you authentic and genuine code that you can use anytime anywhere and it works perfectly well on your purchase.

I believe you all know that every consumer want to get discount on his or her purchase that’s why we are here to offer you the best promo code turo that you can think of.

 promo code turo

One thing you should understand is that not all coupon works.

There are some which has expire but what you will be getting here are genuine and working ones that you can use to get discount on your purchase.

Do Turo Coupon Codes Work For Everyone?

Yes it work for everyone, turo coupon code is a code you apply when selecting the car of your choice and its easy to use.

Have you been to shopping mall where you see some advert that says buy 3 product and get one free or buy this product from this date to this date and get this discount?

Yes that how turo coupon codes works, all you need to do is to apply the code in the space where code is meant for and click on apply the system will deduct the discount and take you to payment page.

Turo Promo Code Is IT For You?

Its so unfortunate that many people don’t know about turo promo code and they end up paying more for the service they supposed to get laser and cheaper.

I remembered when I wanted to book a service on their website the car I wanted to use was on the high side and really want to use the car but the price was on the high side, I had to search a turo promo code and apply it. I got a reasonable discount from them.

The benefits of this turo promo code is that you can get 100 percent discount on your first ride.

Promo code turo that works now

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What is turo car rental?

turo car rentals is one of the best thing that happen  to transport platform, its so easy that you can get a ride a place of your choice with a press of a button.

one of their unique features is that their car is very neat and look standard.

just imagine siting comfortable and relax in car and before you know it, you are in place of your  destination.

As you know there are so many car rentals but the most important thing is for you to get something that suits your taste, not only suiting your taste, it should also be affordable and comfortable.

You can rent or book any car of your choice and cruise with it till you are satisfied.

You can also list your car on turo car rental, if you have a car that you think you can list out.

What you should do is to go to turo through their website and register with them, their registration is free, all you need to do is to fill the form and register with them.

And start making money from your car.

This is an opportunity for anyone who wants to start making money with car using turo and it easy to do.

A friend of mine who has four cars, we were talking one of the day and he said he need to make more money and I suggested turo car rental for him, he went to their website and register with them and today this my friend is making good money from turo car rental.

Turo car rental has so many opportunities both for car owner and non-car owner


  • Requirements: EG:
  • You need Driver’s license
  • Good Internet access to sign up for the service
  • Anyone under 25 may be required to demonstrate at least 2 years of current driving history in the US or Canada
  • Those with a non-US or non-Canadian driver’s license must be at least 25, and will need to provide their
  • passport and a photograph of their license.
  • Working Mobile phone that Turo can verify through text message
  • Make sure you meet Turo’s auto insurance score criteria
  • Registered is a must for anyone who want to be turo car rental.
  • You must be trustworthy and reliable.
  • Your car must be in other i.e neat and working well.

How does Turo work?

Is very simple to use turo car rental all you need to do is to

Follow this simple process below:

  1. If you are new customer you need to login into turo website with your login details, if you are an existing customer you need to sign up with turo and put in the date of your traveling and your location and click on search, the system will give you different car option.
  2. select the car of your choice, go to check out to complete your selection. The owner will confirm or decline your trip within few hours,. Book cars instantly on listings with the “Book Instantly” badge.
  3. The next step is to meet the car owner and get the car key, some car owner will bring the car to where you are. show the car owner your license, he gives you the car and drive to where you want to.
  4. Time to anjoy your ride to your destination, enjoy your ride.
  5. after enjoying your ride it is time to return the car key to the owner.


Follow this process:

  1. .Create your listing.

Sign in if you are existing user and create a free listing, describe how your car look like, ensure you add the benefits of what the customer will be getting because this is what will attract the customer to either book your car or not and upload your pictures, ensure you upload attractive and the right pictures.

Ensure you keep your calendar up to date this will enable travelers to know when your car is available

2. Respond to customers

When someone book or request for your car you will get instant notification, it either you confirm the or decline the trip, do this as soon as possible and get back to the customer as soon as possible if you have any question to ask him.

3. Meet your customer

Plan on where nd when to meet the customer. Ensure you check their license to make sure that it is in right order. Check if everything is in order before releasing the car to the guest.

4.Time to pick up your car

When your guest is through with car meet him or her and ensure that everything is in other before taking the car back.

5. Sit back and enjoy your money.

Note:  you can list as many car as you want on turo.

Is just as simple as this.

Turo reviews

one of the best way to know a reliable company who treats their customer well is to check up their customers reviews.

Reviews give you the idea of what this company does to their client or customers.

Without reviews you might not know what the customers are going through.

As the saying goes if you want to travel to a place where you have not been before ask those who has been there.

According to consumer affairs  turo has so many reviews from customer both the good reviews and the bad reviews.


Below are some of the turo car rental reviews:


Cornelius of Roxbury, CT Verified Reviewer  Verified Buyer

Turo – What a great service – I have praised it to everyone I met since my recent trip with my son on his

college orientation at the U of O. The Mini Cooper was reasonably priced, about half the price of traditional car rental, and the pick and drop off was super easy too. Two issues, one the app feature that allowed me to track the car on arrival was not available on my iPhone; driver speculated that because the start time was earlier than the actual pick up, I missed my window. Second not being able to change the start time and finish time without fully canceling reservation was not so convenient. Both issues could just be me being not so tech savvy. Net net will use again and tell my friends.


Rubi of East Orange, NJ Verified Reviewer  Verified Buyer

Turo is a great app for the modern traveler which facilities mobility in new cities. In comparison to traditional rental agencies, Turo offers several services like pick up/drop off, communication through the app and convenient exchanges of information and money if need be. The only downfall is the mileage cap so users looking to go extra the mile during vacation should pay close attention to the odometer.

Elaine of Morgantown, WV Verified Reviewer  Verified Buyer

We love Turo and use it over traditional rental cars whenever possible. Turo is generally much cheaper and often much easier and more convenient than using a traditional rental car company. We have used it several times and have not had a problem yet. Highly recommend!

Greg of Boston, MA Verified Reviewer  Verified Buyer

I’ve already recommended to my friends a bunch of times. It’s usually cheaper to rent through Turo than other car rental agencies such as Budget or Avis, and you can get nicer and larger cars. I’ll rent a car for a weekend like once or twice a month and Turo is always the first place I look when I’m making plans.

Steven of Novi, MI Verified Reviewer  Verified Buyer

Lexux rental – Everything exceeded my expectations. The owner was very prompt, explained everything, simple pickup and delivery. I thought I chose to deliver the $30 gas fee but he says no, I filled it up. Ritesh is a really nice guy, would rent again.

Jason of Murphy, TX Verified Reviewer  Verified Buyer

I rented a Jeep with Melvin on my recent vacation to Kauai. It was great. I would highly recommend Turo to anyone who has not tried it. I have rented cars from several rental car companies in the past and this is much better. The drop off and pick up were much easier. Turo will be my first choice for car rental in the future!

Sarah of Los Angeles, CA Verified Reviewer  Verified Buyer

I have been with Turo when they were even called RelayRides! I ABSOLUTELY love this car rental service and anytime I need a rental this is my go to website. I am a big fan and will be using this site as long it is operation!!

Tyler of Durham, CT Verified Reviewer  Verified Buyer

From start to finish my experience with Turo was superb. Starting with accommodations from the airport to the Turo pick up lot, to the friendly customer service picking up the car, as well as excellent service from the person renting their car; choosing Turo for a car-rental service was a decision that I would make again.

Yes, reviews are the best thing to check out when looking for a company works.

All the above review is something you need to check out and see if turo is for you.

You can watch this video on how turo promo code works 

History of turo car rental

According to wiki wikipedia Turo car rental was founded in 2010 its a company that give the privilege for anyone to rent a car from an online marketplace and anyone can also list their car on the online platform in othe for a traveler to hire the car for a fee. Turo was formerly relayrides before it was change to the current name, turo offer more than 100 different cars that a traveller can select from and Car rentals are available in more than 5,000 cities 22 in the U.S., Canada, Germany, and the U.K.

Unlike traditional car-rental services, Turo does not own or maintain any cars. The company offers a platform by which car owners can rent their cars. Turo claims its platform reduces rental costs compared to traditional car rental services.

As a pioneer of the sharing economy and travel industry, Turo is a safe and unique, supportive community where the car you rent is part of a story, not a fleet.

Whether it’s a jeep or truck it help out on moving day, a Tesla for a luxurious weekend away, or a classic VW bus for a picture-perfect road trip, travelers rent the car and own the adventure.

This is the history of turo


All of the above is what turo entails from their coupon or promo code to their history and customers.

Thanks you for taking your time to read all these write up we shall be updating our site with latest happening on turo


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