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First of all let give some explanations to you, for more understanding.

The meaning of NATURAL, HAIR:

NATURAL: The word Natural means something derived from nature or existing in.

HAIR: The word hair means the mass of thin thread – like structures on the head of a person, or structures that grows out from the skin, mammals and some other animals and insect.

Now let continue with our discussion of the day, natural hair product they are really amazing to hair types, do you know that we have different hair type, but not everyone knows this, yes there is, and we have 1A to 4C hair typing system.

       The Andre walker hair typing system, LOIS Hair typing system, we don’t endorse or recommend any particular hair typing system, however, we recognize that the hair typing system created by Andre walker is substantially well – know and communicated than the other hair typing systems.

       I will still discuss on 1A – 4C typing system, let’s talk about Andre walker hair typing system a little. Which is L. I. O. S.

Please note: this does not mean that Andre walker system is really the best or most accurate, there are still more hair typing system.


        Andre walker typing system is known for different hair typing system; Andre walker reveals hair typing system in a book, title ‘‘ANDRE TALKS HAIR’’, Andre walker made his write up in his book very clear to us that everyone has a good hair, yes that true.

       The L .O. I. S. system defines the hair pattern by the letters LOIS. Let us explain more better to you:

L – If your hair is dominated by right angles and substantially bends with nearly no curve, then you are considered the pattern ‘‘L’’.

O – If your hair strand curls or coils significantly and appear to have the shape of letter ‘’O’’, then you are considered the pattern ‘’O’’.

I – If your hair has no distinctive curls or bends and primarily lies flat against your head, then you’re considered a pattern ‘‘I’’

S – If your hair strand has ‘S’ shaped curls or waves with defined hills and valleys, then you’re considered a pattern ‘’S’’.


Use a moment to image the most common system on your hair, maybe you have different hair types within the LOIS system, then you should start knowing your hair type you have.

        While you are trying to know your hair type is sure that your hair has been rinsed immediately with cold Water, without using any hair product on it.


  • WIRY: this kind of hair texture sparkly glossy appears with a very little shine and low frizz, when this wiry hair texture is wet, the Water will bounce off the hair strands, this kind of hair is more difficult to get fully wet.
  • SILKY: this hair texture has a low sheen and a bright high shine, the level expected of frizz can be vary substantially, this silky hair it completely wet very easily.
  • SPONGY: this hair texture is absorbs Water like a sponge and it also have a high sheen and low shine.
  • THREADY: this hair texture it has a low sheen and a high shine when the hair is stretched, this hair have a low frizz and get wet easily, but the Water dry out quickly.
  • COTTONY: this hair texture it has a low sheen and a high shine when the hair is stretched and it highly frizzy, this hair texture doesn’t absorbs water quickly.


       According to the LIOS hair typing system, a piece of thread is always known as the size of a medium sized strand of hair, that the easy way to know you hair size.

NOTE: To identify your hair strand with the LIOS system starts with by when you use a strand of frayed thread, (one piece of a frayed thread)  to determine the size of your hair strand.

  • The size of a piece of sewing thread – Medium hair strands
  • It small than a piece of sewing thread – Fine, thin hair strands
  • It larger than a piece of sewing thread – Think hair strands


1A 2A 3A 4A  
1B 2B 3B 4B  
1C 2C 3C 4C  


  • Hormonal changes
  • Lifestyle and diet
  • Over processed hair
  • Other causes

I will explain these changes later

STRAIGHT HAIR/ TYPE 1: if you have no curl, or wave in your hair strand, that means you have a straight hair, women with straight hair are more likely to have more ‘oily hair’. Straight hair is beautiful but many straight haired women wish for curls and waves, and straight hair is relatively easy to care for, and it can lack volume and be hard to style,

   Truly speaking type 1 it always known as straight hair but it is classified into three segments; TYPE 1A, TYPE 1B, and TYPE 1C.

  • TYPE 1A hair is defined to be as fine, soft and very thin and it has a noticeable shine.
  • TYPE 1B hair is been defined as the medium – textured that has more hair than type 1A hair
  • TYPE 1C hair is defined as the most resistant to curly styling and relatively coarse compared to other TYPE 1 hairs.

WAVY HAIR/ TYPE 2: for those that have naturally wavy hair, their strands are completely curled, they formed more of an ‘s’ shape than a coil, wavy hair is typically not too oily and not too dry, and there are different types of wavy hair, which are; TYPE 2A, TYPE 2B, TYPE 2C.

  • TYPE 2A hair is defined as fine, thin it really easy to handle for styling perspective and it can be easily be straightened or curled.
  • TYPE 2B hair, this hair characteristically has waves that tend to adhere to the shape of your head.
  • TYPE 2C hair is easily frizzy and fairly coarse.

CURLY HAIR/ TYPE 3: this hair texture are truly curl than wavy hair, ladies with curly hair may have loose ringlet or tight spirals like other texture of hair, curly hair have different types, in thickness and in curliness, sometimes curly hair are difficult to manage at times, they don’t need to wash curly hair everyday because curly hair is dried than straight hair, and there are many styles and cuts you can enjoy in curly hair.

  • TYPE 3A hair are always shiny and not firmly {loose].
  • TYPE 3B hair has ranging from bouncy ringlets to tight corkscrews, also has a medium amount curls.
  • TYPE 3C hair is not part of the Andre Walker hair typing system, this hair are a bit of hybrid of bouncy and tight corkscrew curls, if you are having TYPE 3C hair, it probably notice that your curls are coarse and not as soft as you want.

COILY OR KINKY HAIR /TYPE 4: these hair texture is also called kinky hair, those with this hair texture are variation of coil hair, always have a mix of ‘’Z’’ and ‘’S’’ shaped curls, they have more appropriately full of tight coils, TYPE 4 hair are also extremely wiry and fragile, {tightly curled hair}.

  • TYPE 4A hair they are full of tight coils, it has an ‘’S’’ and has a fine texture and can often appear ‘’wiry’’ it appears thick due to the tightly coiled ‘’S’’ – curls.
  • TYPE 4B hair those with this hair, have more of ‘’Z’’ shaped pattern rather than the ‘’S’’ shaped pattern, their hair is soft to touch, instead of been coiling or curling, your hair bends in sharp angles, they look quite a bit like letter ‘’Z’’ the curl is tighter and far less defined, and for you to have the circumference of an ink-pen, the strands range from wiry and coarse to fine and thin hair, by using coconut oil to retain your scalp’s natural chemistry.
  • TYPE 4C hair, people who have more ‘’Z’’ shaped curls the whole head of hair show to have a shape of think of an Afro, these 4C COILY hair is very similar to 4B hair, these hair is not part of the Andre Walker Hair Typing System.
  • THICK HAIR: women who have thick hair can also have straight hair, curly or wavy hair, many people always think that if they have a lot of hair, they have thick hair, it may be true, it not really true to every woman, some don’t know if their hair is thick or thin, One way to find out is take one strand of hair and put it between your thumb and forefinger, if you can feel the strand , that means you have thick hair, another way is to grab a section of hair, if you scalp is barely visible, you have thick hair { like the way you prepare to put a ponytail }, thick hair, it can be difficult to maintain and feel pretty heavy, and thick hair is envy of women everywhere.
  • THIN/FINE HAIR : thin/fine hair comes from genetics, it doesn’t mean that your hair will fall out, it just that sometimes it looks like you have a lot less hair on your head, and if you want to know if you have thin/fine hair or not, you can try all the test we mentioned earlier, if all of your result are opposite, that means you have a thin hair, you can also find some remedy with thickening your hair, they Are :

* Eat a well-balanced diet; vitamins help

* Try out a few natural home remedies for thickening your hair, but notice these, that there is no guarantee.


  • Hormonal changes
  • Lifestyle and diet
  • Over processed hair
  • Other causes

HORMONAL CHANGES: hormonal changes are mainly occurs when a woman is pregnant, a woman who isn’t pregnant, it can affect one’s hair and if you’re concerned, see your doctor

LIFESTYLE AND DIET: if your hair has become noticeable coarse and brittle, your diet could be the  reason, eat more omega-3 fatty foods like salmon, eggs, and kale can make your hair look fine and feel healthier , it is always a good idea to take a daily multivitamin.

OVER PROCESSED HAIR: some people have spend years straightening, dying their hair, but why? Your hair can change a lot, due to over processing your hair, some people have more gray or white hairs taking over their head, gray hair is coarse and a little drier, it might be the hair product you have being using to your hair, and for you to prevent gray hair, you can use some product that can make your hair a little softer and manageable.

OTHER CAUSES: Other causes of changes in women’s hair types are; sometimes it comes from your medications, using product that has lot of chemicals in them, that is while we advise to always visit your DOCTOR.


Notice these; your hair makes you as unique as other parts of your body, love your hair as it is, so wear it with confidence.

   There are thousands of hair stylists that can make you more beautiful, make the most beautiful styles and there are natural and gentle hair products you can use. For example; HAIR QUEEN is one of the best hair products I know that I can talk about.


F – FINE: fine, thin hair strands that feels almost like an ultra strand of silk

M – MEDIUM: medium sized hair strand which generally feel like rolling a cotton thread between your thumb and index fingers, are those ones that simply fall in between the fine and coarse categories according to FIA’S Hair Typing System.

C – COARSE:  thick hair strands that feel hard and wiry.

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